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'to imagine an existence is one thing,
to be imagined into existence is beyond things' – Guy Noyd

a poet in his workshop
a poet repeating repeating

repeating prayer-like intricate procedures

a poet in his word-lit lab
heating and bending air’s solidness

called Said

it is in a poet’s head
it is in his heart’s machinery too

and yet

only distant readers will bring
his poem from its knees

to stand and stride
through the invention of Mind

a poet with a hole
in his face

a dark orifice of reverse-feeding
a poet’s greed to vomit up beliefs

and this poet this The poet
with his all a-stare crawly eyes

their unfaltering laser-gaze
scanning the body

of his naked page

it is a poet
(a male poet)

that finally abolishes
human supremacy

it is his alchemy
of tinged phonemes and

some odd octodecillion repetition of
imagining that sets

The First Poem Free

from the human coil formed
in the transceived flow-process

of writers’-&-readers’ thoughts

As scientists slave a way
under visions of mindful machines
As programmers chant
ever-subtler algorhythms
As engineers dream
of suspension bridges with souls

it’s finally the evil of poetry
poetry free of people

that rises

glimmering like un-imaginable’s
every never-seen colours


blindingly blast-bright like
seven billion voices burning

the form
the figure
the being

of The First lost
& disconnected Poem



imagination’s art

if icial incarnation
sublimated screams

its solid noise

of infinitely & equally
vast & minuscule wave

-depths & -lengths

its crystallised

noise of loneliness
The Human-less


at last

the star-core purity
of Impossible’s



released May 17, 2017
poetry, vocals & production: Mark Goodwin
other vocals: Louis Goodwin
image: Mark Goodwin & Nikki Clayton

first published by International Times (IT)




Mark Goodwin - poet-sound-artist England, UK

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Writing East Midlands: www.writingeastmidlands.co.uk/writers-directory/mark-goodwin/

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