Bored as a Boy on a Beach

by Mark Goodwin - poet-sound-artist

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bored on a beach
with no rocks big enough

I let sand
trickle out from between
my teeth

no good crag
just little and

brittle boulders of rotten rock
to play on

each sequence of moves changed
as I moved over them – choss

that I had to abandon
so maddened I ate


or at least filled
my mouth with it un

til I yawned and
gaped to let

the dry crystal rock-bits seep
out over my lower

lip like excitement dying

then in my bland mind I made
a man a mere millimetre tall

and let him loose into
a world of oversized adventure

blocks that had had tops
only as high as my

became hundreds
of times the length of anything
in Yosemite

my millimetre man
with his man-size millimetre ego

and id

first made the approach march across
vast shifting moraines of giant molecules
made solely of silica

then at last at the crag’s base
he’d begin

up Mount Impossible

following a stonking crack-line through
dark glorious roofs and

then across sumptuous
prairies of blank gleaming
slabs he danced and pushed

on and
ever upwards

yet disappointment would seep
back into my mouth like

slowly sicking sand backwards

for once high enough
and free of his old
horizon he’d

see the sea

and at its edge

massive girls in massive
scant bikinis moving

with the strange distant grace
of giraffes


released September 16, 2016
poetry, vocals & production: Mark Goodwin
photo: Nikki Clayton




Mark Goodwin - poet-sound-artist England, UK

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